Off the Pitch: Euro 2020 – Day 31

Mon 12 July 2021 | 15:30

Welcome back to the final episode of Off the Pitch with Sportmob, where we take a look at everything that happens away from the thrill of the game. Follow us below as we go through whatever happened in Euro 2020 day 31.

The Euros are finally over and the champions are revealed to the world. While England had the upper hand as the hosts at Wembley and thousands of


fans had swarmed the stadium, it was


in the end who managed to clutch a victory in the penalties and win the trophy.

But what happened away from all the drama that we got to witness on the pitch? Who celebrated too early? Who celebrated a little too much? Whose celebration went horribly wrong? Who was critical of England’s penalty takers? Read on as we take a look at everything that happened off the pitch on the final day of Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 – Day 31 Review

From more than 40 England fans being arrested for forcing their way into the stadium without tickets, to Gary Neville spilling Roy Keane’s coffee and Immobile embarrassing himself in front of thousands of spectators, there is much to cover from everything that we saw yesterday. Here is what happened on day 31.

The shameful law breakers

It’s understandable when everyone would want to watch the final of a major tournament held between two of the best teams in the world. But it’s never a good neither a fair idea to storm the stadium without tickets and take someone else’s place instead.

That is what more than 50 people did yesterday as England supporters suddenly decided to storm Wembley and get inside without tickets. Police got to arrest 45 people, but many managed to get inside and watch the final. The police have also launched a bid to identify the rest of the culprits as footage showed tens of people trampling the stewards and getting inside by force.

The wild celebrations

When your country scores a crucial goal in one of the most historic nights ever, you have the right to go wild with your celebrations. That is exactly what

Gary Lineker

, Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard did at the BBC studio as they held nothing back by jumping up and fist-pumping each other. Neville even got to accidentally spill Keane’s coffee during his wild celebrations. Sadly for the Match of the Day host and his co-pundits, however, the celebrations were short-lived as Mancini’s men equalized in the second half and eventually beat England in the penalties.

The even wilder celebrations

Sometimes when you celebrate something, it doesn’t go as you might have planned. Mishaps happen all the time and footballers are not exempt from such embarrassing moments. That is why

Ciro Immobile

lived through an embarrassing yet hilarious moment yesterday as he and his Italian teammates celebrated their Euro 2020 win.

The whole Italy squad decided to run towards the Italy supporters and slide on their torsos as both a sign of celebration and appreciation. It didn’t go too well for Immobile, though, as the Italian striker lost his shorts during the slide and almost everyone got to see his white underpants. Of course he did manage to quickly handle the situation and pull up his football shorts. In the end, it didn’t matter even a bit as he had just won the Euro 2020 final.

Don’t give the penalty to a kid

Roy Keane has criticized senior players in the England squad as he believes they should not have allowed an inexperienced member of the team such as Bukayo Saka to take such a crucial penalty.

The 49-year-old Irishman claimed: “If you’re Grealish or Sterling, you can’t have a young kid step up in front of you. You can’t sit there and say ‘I see a 19-year-old kid walk in front of me, when I’ve played a lot more games, a lot more experience…’ and Sterling’s who has trophies.” While Neville didn’t agree with Keane’s comments, it seems that Southgate does as he personally took all the blame, claiming that he was the one to blame as he was the one who had selected the penalty takers.




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