Hungary will play three games without fans

Fri 09 July 2021 | 19:18

Hungary will be punished for the fans’ homophobic and racist actions.

UEFA orders


to play their next three competitive games behind closed doors because of their fans’ racist and homophobic banners in the games that they were the host in the Euro 2020. Hungarian Football Federation will also have to €100,000 (£85,500), and they will have to display some banners with the "#EqualGame" logo on them.

All these punishments will be in UEFA’s competitive games, and Hungary’s clashes in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup will not be under the effect of the decision because the competition is under FIFA’s jurisdiction.

Hungary fans held some homophobic banners during their match against Portugal in their first game in Euro 2020, and their clash against France their monkey chants added to the problem as both of those games were played at the Puskas Arena in Budapest.

Although UEFA refused to let the German officials show rainbow colors on the Allianz Arena because it could have been a political move, they have made decisions against Hungarian fans’ homophobic acts following the new laws in their country that would restrict gay people’s activities in schools.

source: SportMob