Hjulmand’s players think about Eriksen every day

Sat 03 July 2021 | 21:42

Denmark boss says that his squad carry their injured teammate in their hearts.



Kasper Hjulmand

has talked about

Christian Eriksen

after their 2-1 victory over the Czech Republic, insisting that Denmark players carry their star in their hearts every day.

Hjulmand says that what happened to Eriksen reminded everyone of the values that the game is carrying.

“I definitely feel it,”

Hjulmand said when asked in his post-match press conference if he was aware of the support Denmark were receiving


“I think the whole world of football understood that second and the days after the fundamental things in life and in football, the fundamental values of football came through right at that moment.

“There are so many other agendas in football, but we all remembered why we started to play football, what values football is based on and we had a reminder of this.”

Denmark players started the tournament with a bad incident as they saw their star suffering from a heart attack in the middle of the game. The whole football world was shocked with what happened, but despite their bad start, the team managed to reach the semi-finals where they will face England and Hjulmand says that the squad and himself think of Eriksen every single day.

“I am still thinking of Christian every single day. He should have been here.

“We are happy that he survived, we carry him all the way to this match and all the way to Wembley. I think about him all of the time.

“We all understood maybe that the values of football came through – and maybe we are a symbol of it. I could not be more happy than that.

“The team showed it without being told, ‘this is the way you should act’.

“It was just unbelievable to see this team how the reaction was, how much compassion and love they gave each other, but also the Danish population.

“We are just happy and proud we can maybe just remind ourselves why we love football and what football can do in the world.”

source: SportMob
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