Balotelli talks about the black lives matter movement

Sat 03 July 2021 | 17:22

Balotelli says he would have made everyone take a knee if he was in the Italy squad.

Mario Balotelli

, who wasn’t in

Roberto Mancini’s

list of players for Euro 2020, has talked about Italy’s position in the black lives matter movement, insisting that he would have made everyone else take a knee if he was a part of the Italy squad.

Italian players decided to take a knee only in the games that their opponents did it, but Balotelli thinks that he would have changed things around if he was with the team.

He was asked about the matter in a social media Q and A where the reporters asked if his presence would have made a difference in Italian players’ attitude towards the anti-racism move.

“Of course I would’ve taken the knee and I would’ve made everyone else do the same,”

was Super Mario’s response


And when he was asked if he could have helped Italy in the tournament, he said that they are showing good quality without him.

“They are doing very well without me, but thanks for the thought!”

Balotelli’s national team has been showing impressive performances forcing their way to the Euro 2020 semi-finals, where they face England on Tuesday at Wembley stadium.

source: SportMob