“It's scary how good us six are for England” - Grealish

Fri 02 July 2021 | 11:06

The England international has no problem with the way Gareth Southgate is treating him, admitting that the manager cannot play all six “scary” wingers.

Jack Grealish

is aware of

Gareth Southgate

’s difficult time trying to pick a starting XI, referring to


’s attacking options as “scary”.

The Aston Villa captain has been attracting a lot of attention at Euro 2020, but he has only been in the starting lineup once, in the battle against the Czech Republic.

Grealish contributed an assist in that game and when he was substituted in the clash against Germany, he provided another assist which made him the only England player to have made multiple goals so far at Euro 2020.

The 25-year-old has only played for 116 minutes, which is still more than Marcus Rashford (58) or Jadon Sancho (six).

Rashford (20) and Sancho (19) were more involved in goals last season than Grealish (16) or other England options: Raheem Sterling (17), Phil Foden (14) and Bukayo Saka (eight).

However, Southgate’s decision has proved right so far, with Sterling being in the starting lineup in all four games and meeting the target three times for The Three Lions, and Grealish has no issue with his boss.


He's been perfect with me,"

the reported Manchester City target told reporters.

"I see some stuff sometimes about me and Gareth but we have a great relationship. He does with all the players. He's a brilliant man-manager.

"You have got six players that play either side of Harry [Kane] that, in reality, could play for most clubs in the world.

"Myself, Jadon, Marcus, Raheem, Phil Foden and Bukayo. It's scary how good us six are. That's not being big-headed or nothing. That is just the truth.

"He can't play all six of us but one thing he's done really well is make people think that they are still involved. He still speaks to everyone on a daily basis."

The England international admitted that he would watch from a fan park if he wasn't a player, insisting that he would probably be "a club promoter, Tenerife or Ibiza".


I'm loving it. It makes me so happy and proud when I hear the crowd singing my name,"

he said.

"It could be too much pressure for some people but I just want to repay that.

"I always try to play with a smile on my face because I'm doing what I love.

"It's nice when Villa fans are calling for you but you kind of expect it because you are one of them. When it's England fans, it's different. I get booed every single week by these fans.

"When I speak to my mum and dad, they think that it's so nice people are not going: 'Ah, if he was at Villa, we'd boo him every week.'

"They are giving me that support and doing it for the whole team


source: SportMob