Moutinho says they shouldn’t be only focusing on De Bruyne

Sat 26 June 2021 | 22:24

Portugal’s experienced star insists that all the Belgium players can be dangerous.

Manchester City’s star has been an important player for the Belgians since his recovery from the injury he had in the Champions League final, but

Joao Moutinho

urges his teammates to focus on all the of the players in the


national team because they all can be dangerous if they get the chance.

"Kevin is very competent, we have to be careful but not just focus on one player,"


midfielder Moutinho told a media conference


"If he has space to play it's even more dangerous. But if all of them have space, they will play their game calmly and that will make our job difficult.

"That would set the others free and that would be even worse. As a team we will try to minimise their strengths and put ours into practice, not only focus on De Bruyne.

"If the manager thinks I'm the player with the characteristics to face Belgium, I'll do that. Try to impose my experience and the pace of the game that interests us the most.

"I'm available to give my best, that's what we all want to do, for the team to achieve its goals."

Portugal’s manager

Fernando Santos

has also talked about his team, saying that they must focus on all games like they are the final match and thinks that Portugal will be showing even more quality as the competition goes on.

"We know that we are going to have a competent opponent. I believe, I hope and I am convinced that we will be more competent,"

he said


"To reach the final, this is the first final. What we have to do is not to give space. The team that defends better, knows how to manage the ball better and create opportunities, will win the game."

source: SportMob