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Morata revealed his family had been threatened after Poland game

Fri 25 June 2021 | 8:43

Morata has angered fans with his poor performances at Euro 2020.


striker Alvaro Morata has claimed that he and his family have been subjected to numerous threats and insults since the match against Poland.



striker failed to live up to expectations at Euro 2020 and missed many opportunities in Spain's attack. His failure to score put Spain in a terrible position and raised the possibility of their elimination. Angry Spanish fans criticized him a lot, and now Morta claims that he and his family have been threatened and that he has not been able to sleep for 9 hours due to the pressure of these threats.

He said:

“I went nine hours without sleep after Poland. I have received threats, insults to the family, saying ‘we hope your children will die’…

“But I’m fine, maybe a few years ago I would have been much worse. Maybe I didn’t do my job as I should.

“I understand that you criticise me for not scoring, but people should put themselves in my place, understand what it means to receive threats, to tell you that your children must die.

“When some tragedy happens, they’ll say he was a good guy.”


“When I arrive at the hotel, I put my phone away, but the thing that bothers me is that they say these things to my wife and children at the stadium,” he continued, before explaining that the therapist makes him feel better.

“It helps us a lot. It’s great to have someone who listens to you whenever you need them.My teammates make fun of me for this, but luckily I can talk about it with him.”


source: SportMob