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Pogba ruls out the relation between his hair and the Juve talks

Thu 24 June 2021 | 17:09

France star Paul Pogba has talked about the speculations around his return to Juve.

France star

Paul Pogba

who has been an important player for

Didier Deschamps’

squad, has used black and white color for his hair, and some reporters asked him if it had something to do with his links with Juventus, but he insisted that he has been coloring his hairs in different colors and it has nothing to do with his future club.

Paul Pogba is in the last year of his contract with Manchester United, and there are many speculations about his future with many clubs in the list of possible destinations for the high-profile midfielder.

"My hair was black and white as Juventus shirt tonight? I was expecting this question,"

Pogba joked with Sky Sport as he enters the final year of his current United contract.

"I'm not thinking about my future, I'm only focused on the Euros. And my hair always changes, you know!"

France is one of the title contenders in the Euro 2020 after winning the World Cup, and they have been undefeated in the group stage, finding their spot in the Round of 16 with multiple high-quality performances from France players, including Karim Benzema, who has become the oldest player to score more than one goal in a major tournament like World Cup and Euro.

source: SportMob