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‘I must say I was embittered’ - Ogbonna on being left out of Euro 2020

Thu 24 June 2021 | 12:58

Although Angelo Ogbonna was ‘embittered’ when Roberto Mancini overlooked the West Ham United defender when he picked his squad for Euro 2020, the 33-year-old admitted that he cheers on the Azzurri during Euro 2020.


national team manager

Roberto Mancini


West Ham United


Angelo Ogbonna

when he picked his 26 men for

Euro 2020

and Ogbonna admitted that he was ‘embittered’ by his decision.

“I must say I was embittered,”

Ogbonna told Sky Sport 24.

“I think there was little meritocracy, but the coach must have had his reasons for making certain choices.

“Playing in the Premier League didn’t penalize me, the two months out, maybe yes.”

Last season, Ogbonna played 28 League games during which he was able to score three goals. He felt that the year in London was ‘positive’ for him personally.

“It was a positive year for me. We started with the target to reach safety,”

Ogbonna continued.

“Then, point by point, we managed to grab something that’s important for the fans and the club.”

However, the 33-year-old defender also admitted that he cheers on the Azzurri during Euro 2020.

“I’m happy with the path the national team is on,”

he said.

“We have having a positive tournament with a different approach to the games.

“A good game, another way of seeing football. It was something we have seen for a long time.”

Ogbonna praised

Marko Arnautovic

, who was Ogbonna’s teammate at West Ham, as the Australian striker has been linked with a move to Bologna recently.

“Marko is a very talented player who demonstrated it especially during his years at West Ham, where he showed all his qualities,” the defender continued. “He still has so much to give.”

Since 2015, Ogbonna has been playing in the Premier League and has not missed Italian football.

“Italy has given me a lot. I can say, however, that I don’t have much nostalgia,” Ogbonna admitted. “I think I’m in one of the best leagues, where the pace is high, we run more, and there’s a lot of speed.”

There has always been the question of intensity between Serie A and other leagues and Ogbonna also gave his opinion on this question:

“Perhaps the quality of the players is higher, so it compensates for the lack of tactics.

“In Italy, the tactics prevail. There’s more strength in the positioning.

“In England and Germany, there’s no fear of facing the big teams. It’s a way to prove one's worth. The teams take on the giants. Then you can read the game differently based on the moments, but it’s the quality of the players that compensates for the lack of tactics.”

Inter striker

Romelu Lukaku

and Juventus striker

Cristiano Ronaldo

continue to battle for the leading goalscorer title also in the tournament.

“Ronaldo continues to have great numbers, even if he’s more static compared to the past,”

Ogbonna said.

“Lukaku is an overwhelming physical power, the years with [Antonio] Conte has helped him find his dimension.

“Who would I prefer to mark? Neither.”

source: SportMob