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Pepe: "When we win we all win, when we lose we all lose.”

Tue 22 June 2021 | 18:48

Pepe urges his teammates to show their hunger for victory against France.



defeat against


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, and their experienced defender


has urged his teammates to show their hunger for victory, insisting that they are mentally prepared for big games.

"Against Germany, I have a very clear picture in my mind. Whenever the left full-back got a corner, they were very happy,"

Pepe said


"That shows how much they wanted to beat us. We have to want it as much as Germany did in order to make it through and achieve our goals.

"When we win we all win, when we lose we all lose. That's what makes us a very strong, cohesive group.

"We need to have our lines closer together, we need to support each other. Over the last few years we've shown what Portugal is like, we have good quality players and all work together."

Even if they don’t win their last clash against France, they will have a chance to be among the teams going to the next stage, but their boss wants his players to show the balance that they weren’t able to show against Germany.

"We did a thorough analysis of the game and looked at what we could have done better. I think we all reached a similar type of conclusion,"

Santos said

. "It wasn't our usual type of game, it wasn't the Portuguese style.

"The crucial element in the game is to balance the team, it's not about the best or the worst. Every single team on Earth can be aggressive and supportive of one another.

"We know that France will play like this, We need to fight more, want it more and be more organised than they are.

"If we put our quality out there and they do, then it can swing either way. We need to be very focused and very strong in every area of the pitch and every moment of the game."

source: SportMob