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Vidal & Medel will be heavily punished after breaking the bubble

Mon 21 June 2021 | 6:22

The Chilean national team is facing a new crisis after breaking its bubble.

Two stars of the

Chilean national team

, Arturo Vidal and Gary Medel were sanctioned after inviting a hairdresser to the team's camp and breaking the Covid-19 bubble.

The Copa America competition was moved from Argentina to Brazil due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the outbreak rate in Brazil is very high. Players are in a bubble that separates them from the outside to prevent virus transmission.

Now the Chilean national team has issued a statement announcing that several team players will be fined for breaking the rules of the bubble and a hairdresser entering the bubble.

Although his Covid-19 test was negative, he should not have been in contact with the players.

Earlier, Marca claimed that some players broke the rules by inviting several prostitutes to the team hotel for a party, but these reports seem false.

It is also said that Martin Lasarte, the team's technical director, may resign, and even Chile will be excluded from Copa America.

Inter midfielder Vidal and Bologna midfielder Medel were the two players who played a vital role in the barber's arrival at the team's hotel and are likely to face heavy fines.

source: SportMob