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England disappointed me, Italy play as a team - Capello

Sun 20 June 2021 | 16:40

Fabio Capello believes Italy are one of the candidates to win Euro 2020 along with Germany, France and Belgium, but thinks England ‘have a monkey on their backs.’

Every team has played twice in each group during the two matchdays.

England disappointed me, I have to be honest,”




Fabio Capello


La Gazzetta dello Sport


“They played 20 fantastic minutes and then lost their way. I’ve always said, if England play in September, October or November, they can fight it out with anyone. They’re already going to start struggling in April, then by June they’re in trouble. After two seasons that were played practically back-to-back due to the pandemic, this team is not fresh.

“Above all, though, they feel the pressure and responsibility of so many years without winning an important trophy. When they reach these tournaments, they feel this monkey on their backs.”


were held to a draw by Sweden as well as Poland; however,


bounced back from a loss to


with a thumping 4-2 victory over



The big problem for Spain is they struggle to score, despite dominating possession,”

continued Capello.

“Hungary are determined, and have decent quality, but their draw with France was above all thanks to determination.

“You can never rule Germany out, despite everyone trying to, while France have quality, but don’t play as a team the same way that Italy do.

“What we really need to watch out for is Belgium, because they can combine quality with physical power and, like the Azzurri, players who can be devastating the moment they get a bit of space.”

source: SportMob