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Low: Germany will create more chances against Portugal

Sat 19 June 2021 | 10:15

The Germany boss believes his side should create more goal chances when they face Portugal.

Joachim Low

, the


coach, has revealed his opinion about tonight’s battle against


in Euro 2020.

Low was satisfied with Germany’s defensive performance in their 1-0 loss to France, but believes they can still improve when it comes to attacking.

"We were all disappointed on Tuesday evening after an unlucky own goal cost us the game. But we thoroughly analyzed the game and paid attention to what we would need to do differently against Portugal,"

said Low.

He added:

"We did well defensively against France, but failed to create enough chances on goal. We're optimistic that things will go better against Portugal. We're focused on the game and are confident that we will be able to take home a positive result.

"Tactically, we will need to bring something new to our game, especially in attack. We need to react differently in certain situations and look for other gaps to exploit. These tactical changes have nothing to do with the formation.

"Every player is able to make these adjustments no matter what position they are playing. We were well organized in defense, so we're not planning any massive tactical changes there."

They will face each other at Allianz Arena in Munich tonight.

source: SportMob