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Van Basten urges de Ligt to take on more responsibility

Fri 18 June 2021 | 13:06

The former oranje star believes that de Ligt should take more responsibility in his team.

Dutch football legend Marco van Basten has criticized Matthijs de Ligt, arguing that he should be the team leader after the


reach the knockout stages of Euro 2020.

De Ligt was present at Johan Cruyff Stadium during the Netherlands' 2-0 win over Austria after recovering from injury and helped his team to the top of Group C. The Juventus defender had a good and comfortable performance in his team's three-defense system and successfully completed 80% of the duels and all his passes reached their destination. However, Van Basten believes the 21-year-old defender needs to learn a lot and take on more responsibility in his team.

"He is a central defender and must convey more leadership.

"He must make himself heard, assert himself because he has to lead the defence. Instead, he just runs after his man, leaving a huge hole. 

"De Ligt went to Italy. to learn how to defend, but I don't think he learned much there."


He added:

"If we look at how many times [Maarten] Stekelenburg has to kick the ball, this is not a good thing. It becomes a kind of combat football," the former Milan striker added.

"From behind, you need to have more vision and control to advance while playing football so you can dominate the game. But I haven't seen it so far."


source: SportMob