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UEFA backs France medical staff in their decision for Pavard

Thu 17 June 2021 | 18:21

UEFA has been criticized by FIFPro for not committing to the "concussion charter".


is satisfied with the France medical staff for their assessment over

Benjamin Pavard

and stands against players' union FIFPro who criticized UEFA for not committing to the "concussion charter" which was signed by all the teams playing in the Euro 2020 and is about multiple measures to protect the players from serious injuries.

UEFA has released a statement about the incident saying that France medical staff did not breach the concussion protocols.

"According to the reports that we received from the team doctor, it seems that a loss of consciousness did not occur,"

the statement read


"The team doctor did not find any reason to suspect a concussion either on the pitch or after thorough assessment made by a renowned specialist in this field in later follow-up.

"The player will nevertheless continue to be closely monitored over the coming days."

UEFA has also reminded all the teams about the terms of the protocol for the remaining of the competition, insisting on the medical staff’s authority in making the decisions about the players’ ability to play.

"All 24 teams committed to follow the recommendations of the UEFA Concussion Charter before the start of the tournament and the responsibility for decision-making remains with the team doctor.

"If the team doctor has any doubts about unconsciousness or signs of concussion, he should remove the player from the field.

"The team doctor is the only person who can take the decision for the player to stay on the pitch or be substituted. The team doctor's decision must always be respected, even if the player or the coach believes that the player is fit to continue."

source: SportMob