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Juventus will participate in 2021-22 Champions League

Wed 16 June 2021 | 6:45

Bianconeri will compete in European competitions next season.

Following the postponement of legal action against the Super League,


' presence in the 21-22 edition of the Champions League competition was confirmed.

According to ANSA, UEFA has sent a letter to Juventus confirming that they will participate in the Champions League next season. UEFA wanted to take legal action against Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, ​​who have not yet left the Super League, and prevent them from appearing in the next two seasons of the Champions League. Following the announcement of the Super League project, nine clubs stated that they would withdraw from the competition. However, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are still loyal to the Super League.

Nonetheless, it seems that UEFA can not legally ban these three clubs from participating in the Champions League and has been forced to engage them in their next season's competition. ANSA also claims that a letter sent by UEFA to Juventus was also sent to the Italian Football Federation.

UEFA is expected to confirm Real Madrid and Barcelona's presence in next season's Champions League by sending a similar letter.

source: SportMob