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France defeats Germany in their first Euro 2020 clash

Tue 15 June 2021 | 20:55

Didier Deschamps' men defeat Germany in their first step in the Euro 2020.




in their first match in the Euro 2020, which was a clash between two teams that there is a lot of expectations from them, and both are full of high-quality players. France entered the competition like the World Cup winner, and Germany has a lot to prove as they are the winners of the 2014 World Cup, and they are here to show their poor performance in the last World Cup is not what they deserve to be judged.

France has been considered as the competition’s most powerful team with superstars like






, and


, who has returned to the national team after a long time, making France's front line even more critical in the front after his impressive performance at Real Madrid. So they are one of the biggest title contenders in the competition.

Joachim Low

, who has been facing so much criticism for his performance in recent years, will part ways with Germany national team, so he is determined to leave his position with the best memory possible.

Didier Deschamps’

men took the lead in the first half in a game that they were having in control, although their goal was an own goal from Germany’s experienced defender Hummels. The first half was full of energy and movement, but there weren’t too many opportunities created since both sides tried to take a conservative approach.

At the beginning of the second half, France had the chance to double the lead, but Rabiut hit the bar, and Germany changed things after by creating a few unsuccessful opportunities that helped them take the momentum.

After Germany's dominance in the first twenty minutes of the second half Mbappe's goal could change everything, but it was ruled out because he got the ball in the offside position.

France kept controlling the game despite Germany's efforts, and even with multiple substitutions, they weren't so effective in creating chances in front of France's goal.

France even scored another goal in the 85th minute of the game, which was again ruled out by the decision of VAR. So Deschamps' men weren't able to reach a better result than a 1-0 victory at Allianz Arena.

source: SportMob