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Mancini is happy with his side’s performance

Tue 15 June 2021 | 19:44

Italy boss is confident about his side in the upcoming games in the Euro 2020.




in their opening match in the Euro 2020, but their boss

Roberto Mancini

insists that they are going to get even better in the following steps of the competition as he is confident in his team’s quality and potential.

Azzurri's boss thinks that the first goal made the opponents open up and that allowed them to dominate Turkey, although it is not all they have to show, according to the manager.

"The Turkey game was difficult,"

Mancini told a news conference

. "But when we scored, they opened up. We will have to win the next one and if possible also the next one. We have to do our best.

"I am confident. This is an excellent team that can only improve. If the bookmakers say Italy are favorites, we accept it because they get it right, but the championship is still long. We have much work to do."

The Azzurri’s high-profile defender

Leonardo Bonucci

has also talked about the team and their form, saying that they should use their experience from their failure in World Cup 2018 qualifying games and stay humble until the end.

"Three years ago was a real low point for us,"

he said.

"Humility and keeping your feet on the ground are the secrets to competing like we did against Turkey.

"We have always reset after great wins, continuing to do our duty. The desire to return to the national team is back. It is thanks to the coach, we came from a dark place.

"This is the greatest team spirit I have encountered. At no time have there been any issues in the squad. It is a very tight group and it is little wonder then that we are getting results."

source: SportMob