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Bale is ready to play against Turkey supporters

Tue 15 June 2021 | 19:07

Wales’ star Gareth Bale talks about the Turkey fans that will be at Baku’s Olympic Stadium.


will face


in their second clash in the Euro 2020 at Baku’s Olympic Stadium, and 34000 people are expected to attend the match and since Azerbaijan has close ties with Turkey, it is anticipated that a vast majority of the attendants would be there to support Turkey, but Wales high-profile player

Gareth Bale

says that they aren’t afraid of playing in a full stadium even if they are going to support the opposing team and he thinks that it can be even a good thing for his side.

Wales captain Bale said at his pre-match press conference:

"I think it is good to be playing in front of big crowds. Obviously we would prefer to be playing in front of 34,000 Wales fans, but it is not meant to be.

"If anything, it kind of spurs us on to be a bit more ruthless on the pitch, and hopefully we can keep them silent."

Real Madrid star insists that the atmosphere in the stadiums where the fans support the Turkish is a great atmosphere, and he is excited to play against them.

"Whenever I have played in Turkey before the atmosphere has been incredible.

"Of course we understand they are going to be cheering on the Turkish team, but to be playing in these tournaments you want to be playing in front of crowds.

"It will be nice to have that atmosphere at the stadium and get back to a bit of normality. This is what we do for a living, we are used to playing in away games in front of hostile crowds and it's something we enjoy doing."

source: SportMob