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Pogba has more ‘freedom’ in France than Man Utd to score goals

Tue 15 June 2021 | 10:04

The France international revealed that he wants to meet the target more often at the club level, but the World Cup winner’s role is a different one at the Red Devils.

Paul Pogba

revealed that he has more “freedom” in his national team than he does at

Manchester United

; however, the World Cup winner is going to always put collective efforts above personal gains.

The United midfielder admitted that he would like to find the back of the net 15 times per season for his club, having only reached that aim once during five campaigns in England. However, the 28-year-old’s role is different under the reign of

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


Although he doesn’t have a problem with that as his versatility lets him sit deeper on a domestic stage, he likes the chance to release the shackles when playing for



Pogba told


 about paying for his club and country:

"It's true that at Juventus it was different from Manchester. We were playing three in the middle, in a 5-3-2. I had the freedom, I had to be in the box, to attack. It was an obligation. 

"In Manchester, I have the freedom to go into the box, but the priority is to play, to defend. 

"In the France team, we play a 4-2-3-1 too. I'm a little more involved in the transition, in the construction. But I have more freedom than in Manchester to get into the box, to make runs forward. 

"At the same time, when you have Grizou (Antoine Griezmann), Kylian (Mbappe), you don't want to enter their spaces, you don't need to."

Pogba added:

"I would like to play more offensively. Scoring 15 goals per season, that's what I would like. 

"But, we must put ourselves at the service of the collective. In Manchester, as with Les Bleus, the collective will always come before the player. 

"Frankly, I still enjoy playing a little deeper. When Patrick (Vieira) said he preferred me at Juventus, I understand, I was able to express myself more further up, more with my technique. But it will always be the collective above everything else."

Pogba is reaching the last year of his deal at Manchester United, and transfer talks are inevitably entering the table.

United have not shown any intentions regarding selling their versatile player, as their prized asset plays a crucial role in their ploys.

France are thinking the same, with Pogba being a remarkable player who leads by example.

He said:

"In the locker room, I will speak. But, for example, in the France team, I know that (Raphael) Varane will be the one who will make a general speech.

"Me, I like to speak individually, to say to the players: 'Ok, how are you feeling? If you see that is not good, you talk to me etc'. I try to put people at ease so that we are better on the pitch.

"A Zlatan Ibrahimovic has that charisma. He will scream at players to motivate them. Not me. I will speak to bring out the best in my team-mates."

source: SportMob