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Blind thought about not playing after Eriksen’s incident

Mon 14 June 2021 | 11:33

When the final whistle of the Netherlands 3-0 victory over Ukraine was blown, Daley Blind burst into tears, revealing that he was thinking about not playing after Christian Eriksen’s incident. ‘When he encouraged his own teammates to play, is when I decided to play myself’.

Christian Eriksen

collapsed during


s clash with Finland on Saturday and had to receive CPR before he was sent to the hospital.

Daley Blind

was substituted in the match at the Johan Cruyff Arena and revealed that he had to deal with ‘a mental hurdle’ to feature in the clash against Ukraine.

Yesterday had a huge impact on me, never mind the fact that I know Christian well as a friend,”

he told


after the match.

The incident reminded Blind of some bad memories, when he had to struggle with an inflamed heart muscle he was diagnosed with, in 2019.

In 2020, he collapsed on the pitch when they went against the Dutch giants because of his problem.

“The situation for him is terrible. Of course, I have also experienced a few things in that area, so that I had to overcome a mental hurdle to play today.

“I had to persuade myself to play but I’m proud that I did and that’s why my emotion came bursting out at the end of the game.

“I definitely thought about not taking part. The images on television and the incident had a big impact and I didn’t sleep very well because of them. I really had to overcome a big hurdle to do this.”

“If it didn’t go well, it would have haunted my head even more. When Christian encouraged his own [Denmark] team-mates to play [finish the match against Finland] is when I decided to play myself. Also because I’m safe, according to the doctors.

source: SportMob