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England players booed and praised at the same time

Sun 13 June 2021 | 21:36

England players received different reactions from the fans for taking a knee.


players took a knee before their first

Euro 2020

clash against


, and they were booed by some fans, but then some other sections started applauding to show their support of the players’ gesture and their purpose.

FA had confirmed that the gesture has nothing to do with political beliefs however a part of the supporters kept booing the players for their gesture, and a UEFA representative had already confirmed that UEFA is not going to punish any team for their fans reaction to their gesture despite the UEFA’s support for all anti-racism actions.

"UEFA has a zero tolerance against racism and any player who wants to demand equality amongst human beings by taking the knee will be allowed to do so,"

he said


"We urge spectators to show respect for teams and players taking the knee.

"UEFA will not take disciplinary action against the national association for their fans' reaction to this initiative as there are no legal grounds to do so in the current competition and disciplinary regulations and to do so would be to punish a national association whose players have taken a stand against racism."

England’s next Euro 2020 clash will be against Scotland at Wembley stadium, and the players have confirmed that they will take a knee and they will keep doing it until they reach a united group of supporters.

Gareth Southgate

has also talked about the matter last week, insisting that no matter what happens, he will not let anyone question his players’ decision of showing their support for racial equality.

source: SportMob