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Danish doctor talks about Eriksen’s pulse slipping away on the pitch

Sun 13 June 2021 | 9:29

Team of doctor Morten Boesen admitted that they have seen the Denmark international’s pulse slipping away when they ‘started giving him CPR’.

Christian Eriksen

fell down on the field during Denmark’s 1-0 loss to Finland, and the world of football was standing still for about 12 minutes.

The Denmark team doctor Boesen talked about the playmaker’s pulse slipping away before they ‘started giving him CPR’.

The Milan midfielder was unconscious and his teammates started helping him before the medical staff arrived and carried him to the hospital.

Eriksen’s condition was reported stable, but the team doctor expressed the terrifying scenes when talking to



“He was breathing, and I could feel his pulse. But suddenly that changed,”

Boesen told AP

. “And as everyone saw, we started giving him CPR.”

The Denmark players were shown in shock, with some trying to hold back their tears as they tried to get him away from the cameras.

From the time he collapsed and was carried outside, it took 12 minutes; however, Boesen revealed that he brought him back before an ambulance arrived.

“We managed to get Christian back. And he spoke to me before he was taken to the hospital.”

UEFA and DBU stated that Eriksen was ‘awake and stable’ before the clash was continued later due to the players’ request.

According to the reports, Eriksen talked to his teammates over the phone, asking them to go on with the game against Finland.

source: SportMob