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Southgate thinks England’s performances can unite the country

Fri 11 June 2021 | 22:19

England manager insists that his side’s performance at Euro 2020 can have great effects.

After facing negative reactions from the supporters for taking a knee, the


head coach

Gareth Southgate

has talked about the national team’s role in uniting the people of England, saying that the team’s performances in Euro 2020 could be the catalyst for uniting the country.

"I think it's time for the country to unite, full stop. That's how I see it,"

he told the BBC

. "If the team can be a catalyst for that then that's brilliant.

"I think the England team is often a catalyst for bringing people together, bringing communities together, bringing families together, so of course in the process of doing that we want to play well, we want to win, we want to excite people but not all of that falls upon us.

"We've had lots of division and sometimes we need to remember what a strong island we are, what a strong nation we are, the great qualities that we have.

"There were moments at the beginning of the pandemic that were so powerful where people did pull together, I think we should always be striving towards that."

England will face Croatia in their first Euro 2020 clash, and Gareth Southgate admits that his side didn’t have the best preparation process, but he is optimistic about his squad despite knowing that the players that didn’t have enough time to recover from their club games may struggle with fitness in the latter stages of the competition.

"Normally you would want to play the basis of your team in one of those game and we felt that the psychological rest, the physical rest that the players required was more important,"

he said


"If we're to go into the deeper part of the tournament, we think that freshness they needed, that recovery from the league season was critical."

source: SportMob