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Garcia Pimienta gets sacked from Barcelona B

Fri 11 June 2021 | 19:37

Barcelona B head coach who was an option to take over the first team gets sacked.

Barcelona B

head coach

Garcia Pimienta

, who was considered as one of the club’s options to take over the first team when they weren’t sure about

Ronald Koeman’s

future, has been sacked.

It was another unexpected move from

Joan Laporta

, who has been full of surprises since he was appointed the club’s president.

Pimienta was born in Barcelona and started his career at

La Masia

, playing for Barcelona C and Barcelona B and the first team for a young period in 1997 before leaving the club on loan and joining Extremadura and Figueres. He then moved to Hospitalet before joining Sant Andreu.

He retired in 2004 and started his work at La Masia in 2006 as a youth coach, and then became an assistant coach at Barcelona B in 2015.

He became Barcelona B’s head coach in 2018 and had a successful spell at his position until he was unexpectedly fired.

It was a shock to the supporters and the fans because he even had a chance to become the first team manager because of his good performance although it hasn’t been the first time the club surprises the fans like when they decided to sell Suarez to Atletico Madrid, just to see him help them become the domestic league’s champions.

source: SportMob