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EPL to use thicker VAR lines for offside calls next season

Fri 11 June 2021 | 6:44

Premier League video assistant referee (VAR) will reportedly use thicker lines next season to assess offside calls.

The change is hoped to decrease more of the marginal offside decision which led to huge criticism last campaign.

That’s according to reports by Times from the Professional Game Match Officials Limited’s annual meeting yesterday, which confirms that the process will use “thicker lines” next season, to “give the benefit of the doubt back to the attacker”.

That sounds great in theory, though the devil will be in the details — which are not available at the moment and probably won’t be until we actually see the system in action.

It is not yet known whether thicker lines for offside will be used by VARs at FA Cup ties next season.

The International Football Association Board [IFAB] - football's lawmakers - does not specify a maximum thickness of lines, under the laws of the game.

source: SportMob