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Bonucci accused of persuading Kulusevski to change agent

Tue 08 June 2021 | 9:55

Former Kulusevski’s agent has accused Leonardo Bonucci of convincing his client to leave him for another agent.

Former agent of



Dejan Kulusevski

has accused his teammate,

Leonardo Bonucci

of approaching his client and persuading him to consider leaving him for another representative.

The FIGC had already been investigating the accusations and the disciplinary commission is also considering taking action.

The aforementioned agent Stefano Sem has now talked to

RAI 3 program

about the case.

“In my case, Bonucci went to the player and said to him, why don’t you come and meet my agent instead? I am 100 per cent sure it was Bonucci,”

Sem said.

“Kulusevski told me that’s what happened, it was also confirmed by his family. This is Alessandro Lucci’s modus operandi.”

However, Bonucci’s agent Alessandro Lucci claims the Italy international has done nothing out of the ordinary.

Lucci told



“Any player has an absolute right to talk to another player, especially if he is already considering a change of agent. You should be talking to those who actually pay players to make the switch over to their agency.”



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source: SportMob