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Brazil's Tite won’t be dismissed - CBF interim president

Tue 08 June 2021 | 8:58

The Brazilian Football Confederation’s interim president has no intention of making changes.

Antonio Carlos Nunes

, who is in charge of CBF as

Rogerio Caboclo

is in suspension, confirmed that


is not going to be dismissed amid the Copa America uncertainty.

The Copa America of 2021 will start in Brazil on Sunday after CONMEBOL decided to move it from Argentina and Colombia. However, it is still unknown if the Selecao will take part in the competition.

Head coach Tite announced that Brazil’s decision will be revealed after their World Cup qualifier clash against Paraguay on Tuesday, whereas captain Casemiro admitted that the whole team is against being the host of the competition because of the pandemic.

The uncertainty has raised speculations surrounding Tite being sacked; however, Nunes, who is in charge until Caboclo’s 30 days suspension is over, is not going to make any changes.

"I say it like this: aren't we winning? We won Copa America in 2019,"

Nunes told

O Liberal


"And now we are almost qualified for the World Cup.

"… As the saying goes, you don't change a team that is winning.

"I am a friend of Tite's. I couldn't speak with Tite on Sunday. I wanted to tell him the decisions are with me now. I like his work very much, he is serious."

Nunes also approved of Brazil being the Copa America host, adding:

"Our first objective is to qualify for the World Cup. Brazil has never been out of a World Cup. 

"Regarding Copa America, neither Colombia nor Argentina wanted to do it because of the pandemic. CONMEBOL sought out the Brazil president [Jair Bolsonaro] and he readily accepted. 

"It has the approval of the president of the republic. I had to talk to the president of the republic. This referral is right. There are things to be resolved."

Tite told reporters on Monday: "

My judgment, my scale of values, my ethical side and my education say that I do not heed the rumours that are said.

"I have a lot of respect for my work and the Brazilian national team and I also have a lot of respect for these qualifiers for the World Cup, and the best way to repay all that trust to the people who are in my favour and those who are against me, it is to make the selection play well and be able to win.

"This is my attribution and my place and that is what I am going to do."


The work we do to achieve good results is very difficult, so what for some may be priority or important things, for us at this time does not have that priority,"

Tite continued.

"Casemiro said the things he had to say regarding the whole situation that leads to the Copa America. When the FIFA and qualifying dates are over, we will very calmly clarify the whole situation, but for now respect our time and our work."

source: SportMob