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Campbell urges Arsenal to sign Conor Coady

Mon 07 June 2021 | 14:20

The Arsenal legend thinks his old club should bring in the England international as he has what they have been looking for in their defence.

Sol Campbell

has recommended


to get

Conor Coady

’s signature since he believes

Mikel Arteta

’s current team is “soft”.

The Gunners ended the Premier League season sitting eighth, with the club manager failing to build on their last season’s FA Cup victory.

Campbell insists Coady can solve their problem of errors at the back that undermined their hard work.

The Gunners legend insists that the England international, who has featured in 113 matches in the Premier League for the Wolves, has proven himself to be mentally strong and beneficial for Arteta’s line-up.

Campbell told 


"There’s a lot of players out there who can fit the Arsenal mould. Conor Coady is a good player; he’s comfortable on the ball, he’s a winner.

"He’s definitely got the kind of mentality Arsenal should be looking at in new players. He’s definitely someone they should look at because he’s so solid, he wants to defend.

"He can pass as well, he’s quick, he’s strong, he’s good in the air. He’s a good all-rounder and he’s got a bit about him.

"He’s at a good club now in Wolves, but he’s actually someone I’d be looking at for Arsenal this summer. He’s got a great attitude as well, and I like that."

Campbell featured for the Gunners from 2001 to 2006, alongside remarkable players like Patrick Viera, Martin Keown and Jens Lehmann. During his time at the club, his teammates had a hunger for success, which he thinks Arteta’s squad lack.


hen I was at Arsenal we had a team of tough guys. I don't know whether things have softened now,"

said Campbell.

"When I was there we had a team full of tough guys. All great gentlemen, straight-talking.

"There were loads of characters, great banter and with that came a few fights from time to time, but above all that, it was a team full of great personalities; great people.

"We didn't shy away from things at all. Is football like that now? Are Arsenal like that now? I don't think so.

"We were ruthless gentlemen. There is such a thing; you know what's good and what's bad but when it comes to football there's no mucking around. It's as simple as that."

source: SportMob