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Del Piero has high hopes for Italy in Euro 2020

Sat 05 June 2021 | 18:43

Del Piero thinks that Italy has the potential to reach the Euro 2020 final four.



Alessandro Del Piero

thinks that Italy can be among the Euro 2020 top four but he admits that France has the best quality, experience, and talents in the competition.

Italy has been unbeaten since September 2018, and they start the tournament after eight consecutive victories, the last of them being their 4-0 win over the Czech Republic in a friendly match.

“We should expect a good group stage and try to build on that, then anything can happen in the knockout rounds,”

Del Piero told Sportweek


“I say we have the potential to reach the final four, and Roberto Mancini never shied away from that either.

“On the other hand, we must remember that Italy haven’t played a major tournament for five years. It’s also very difficult to make predictions for a competition that comes after an anomalous season, with COVID, the compressed fixtures and no pre-season training last year. Fitness levels are going to make a big difference.”

Despite Italy’s impressive recent performances and their reliable form Del Piero still thinks that France has the most chance to win the trophy considering their superstars and their form.

“Nobody has the talent, the quality and the experience – all put together – of France, who are also World Cup holders.”

source: SportMob