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Casemiro: Everyone in the Brazil team is against hosting Copa America

Sat 05 June 2021 | 14:43

After the Selecao routed Ecuador in World Cup qualifiers on Friday, Casemiro, Brazil's skipper, stated that his squad is unified against holding the Copa America in their homeland.

After a 2-0 World Cup qualifying victory against Ecuador on Friday, the midfielder claimed more would be revealed shortly, but that

"everyone, including (manager) Tite,"

is taking the stand. He promised further information after the team's June 8 match against Paraguay but declined to say why the players were angry for the time being out of respect for the

Brazilian Football Confederation


Many Brazilians are angry that football is coming to their nation at this time, while the number of Covid cases is still high. Organizers transferred the competition to Brazil last week after the original co-hosts, Argentina and Colombia, backed out. Argentina is coping with its own Covid-19 issue, while political turmoil has rocked Colombia in recent months. 

"Everyone knows our position in the Copa America in Brazil," 

the captain said

 after the Ecuador match. "It could not be clearer. We want to express our opinion more after the game against Paraguay [on June 8].

"It's not just me, not just the players who play in Europe. It's everyone, including Tite. All together."

Casemiro had neglected to speak to media the day before the Ecuador match, while Tite had made the first sign of discontent in the Brazilian squad.

On June 13, the event is set to begin. Suppose the Brazilian players do not talk about the matter again until after the Paraguay game, as Casemiro has advised. In that case,


will only have a five-day window to respond to their statement before the competition begins. 

Despite speculations of a possible boycott, no one from the organization has openly stated that it is possible. Everyone has chosen to keep the details of the behind-the-scenes discussions confidential.


source: SportMob