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Former Man Utd defender Pallister urges his old team to sign Kane

Fri 04 June 2021 | 19:05

Former Manchester United defender Gary Pallister believes Harry Kane would be a welcome addition at Old Trafford if they were able to put a deal in place.

Manchester United

have shown interest in

Harry Kane

and would like to “send a message” to the Premier League and the European rivals if they were able to put a deal in place, according to the former Red Devils defender

Gary Pallister


"He ticks all the boxes. He's a guarantee of goals, Premier League proven,”

Pallister told



"Looking at the way football is at the moment, who can actually afford to buy Harry Kane? What would the price be? It's going to be a huge fee to bring him to your club and who is going to be able to afford him? I'm hoping that United are at the front of the queue. 

"[Edinson] Cavani has been fantastic and he'll play a big part next season as well. He has proved to everyone that he isn't here to pick up a few quid at the end of his career.

"If you're looking into the future, Harry Kane is at the perfect age now, you are going to get the best years out of him. He's somebody that all of the top clubs in Europe would love to have in their side. It might be about striking early, it might be about a bit of patience.

"Has Harry Kane already made his mind up and set his heart on where he wants to go? He's said that he'd love to play with De Bruyne, which you can understand.”

Pallister added:

"It's all about the quality. Someone that guarantees you goals like Harry Kane is worth their weight in gold.

"Whether Tottenham have struggled, he has had a consistency of scoring goals. It's not just that, he's a very clever player, he can draw fouls, he can hold the ball up, he has a good imagination when he's on the ball. He ticks a lot of boxes. That's why he's the complete forward and everyone is hungry to get him.

"Him and Cavani would be ready-made center-forwards if he did go there, but it would also be great for someone like Mason Greenwood, who probably wants to play in a more central role as his career goes on, to learn from them. It also sends a bit of a message as well if you were to get him.”

The Red Devils are also looking for someone to help keep opponents out at the other end and Raphael Varane, Marquinhos, and Pau Torres have all been suggested.

Pallister added:

"I'd like to bring in Virgil van Dijk but I don't think they're going to sell him! If you can get hold of somebody who's like a Vincent Kompany or a Virgil van Dijk or a John Terry, Tony Adams, somebody of that ilk, then you bring them in. 

"I'm not sure how many of those are out there. If a top-class center-half becomes available, I'm sure Ole will be looking to bring one in as well. I think more important at this stage is that right-sided midfield player. 

"Mason [Greenwood] has been occupying that berth but he's still at an age where you don't want him to play week in, week out. He still needs rest and to be nurtured through these early parts of his career because there is so much expectation on the lad.

"I think for that right-sided midfield role, to give the team a bit of balance, someone like [Jadon] Sancho is probably more important."

However, it seems whomever the Red Devils sign, Portuguese playmaker

Bruno Fernandes

is going to remain the center of the attention at Old Trafford. Pallister also admits that the 26-year-old deserves a standing in the most illustrious of company.

When he was asked whether Fernandes can be compared to the icons of the past, he replied:

"You have to say that his stats say yes. His impact on the team was phenomenal when he walked into that dressing room, right from the get-go. It's not just what he does with the ball, it's what he's telling others to do with it. 

"I think United have lacked that until he got there. I think Harry Maguire does it a little bit, he's becoming more and more vocal as his role is expanded and he has become more comfortable with it.

"You need players in the team that dig other people out. If they are not putting a shift in or doing the right things, then you need a player of that ilk to stamp a mark on the side and tell people.

"I was fortunate to play with a host of players like that - [Bryan] Robson, [Paul] Ince, [Steve] Bruce, [Roy] Keane and [Mark] Hughes. They didn't accept second best and if things weren't going right, they would be screaming and demanding more of the players alongside them. I think that's what Bruno has brought to the team, as well as fantastic ability. 

"He had a quiet end to the season, and you're maybe saying that because of the heights he hit in that first year, but I think he's getting to the stage where he's as important as a Scholes or a Cantona were to the side."

source: SportMob