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Glazers plan to invest on the Red Devils in the summer

Fri 04 June 2021 | 17:04

Joel Glazer tells the supporters that they are going to invest on the club on and off the pitch.

Following the fans’ protests after the club’s failed attempt to form

Super League

, the


family promised bigger fan involvement, and to show their commitment to their promise, they had a meeting with fans’ representatives promising investment in the summer on and off the pitch to help the club’s situation in the domestic and continental competitions.

The club’s co-chairman has talked about their plans to set up a fan share scheme giving the supporters equal voting rights in the club’s decisions.

During the meeting Joel Glazer said:

"Our goal is to win every competition we compete in, and we will continue to invest in our academy and in the transfer market to support the manager in an effort to meet the club’s goals.

"As a club we have devoted a lot of time and resources over the last several years updating and further developing our vast global scouting network to adapt to the modern football environment. This is a project that should provide a foundation for long term success in the years to come.

"In addition, as you all know, we have also been focused on growing and developing our women’s team in line with the traditions and values of the club, and we are committed to continuing that process.

"Old Trafford is at the heart of Manchester United and while we have spent over £100m over the last 10 years on infrastructure projects, we will now accelerate the process of planning much more significant investment and upgrades to the stadium. Rest assured, we will consult with supporters throughout the process to end up with a result we can all be proud of.

“We want this club to always be successful and win trophies. To compete for trophies requires significant investment. The commercial growth at the club has helped deliver the revenue which ultimately underpins that investment in a sustainable manner.

“That approach has allowed us to have among the highest net transfer spend in world football over the last five years and have one of the highest wage bills."

It was the meeting between the fans and the Glazers in the 16 years that they have been the owners of the club, giving the fans the right to give their opinions about the club’s plans, problems, and future.

The meeting was held virtually because of the Covid-19 protocols, but it was still a big step for the club as it was the first time that one of the Glazer family members join a meeting with the supporters.

source: SportMob