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Players unhappy with Copa America moving to Brazil - Tite

Fri 04 June 2021 | 8:46

The Copa America, which was postponed for a year, has now been moved from Argentina to Brazil.


coach Tito has claimed that members of the team are upset that the Copa America was moved to Brazil from Argentina at the last minute.

The Brazilian coach revealed that talks had taken place between the Brazilian players and the president of the federation about preventing the transfer of competitions. The Copa America was moved to Brazil after Colombia lost hosting due to political unrest and Argentina lost hosting due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Casimiro did not attend a press conference on Thursday ahead of the World Cup qualifier against Ecuador due to players' dissatisfaction with the situation, and Tito spoke of his frustration with the Copa America decisions.

"We've asked the athletes to focus only in the game against Ecuador,

" Tite said.

 "Then they've (the players) asked to speak directly to the president (Caboclo).

"It was a very straightforward conversation. And then the players' stance has also became very clear. We have a position but we will not reveal it now.

"Our priority now is to play well and to win against Ecuador.

"We understand that the situation will become clear after this international break. They (the players) have an opinion, they've told it to the president and they will tell it to the people at the right time.

"That was the reason why Casemiro, our skipper, wasn't here for this interview."



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source: SportMob