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“Supporters always sufferin’ under Ceferin,”

Wed 26 May 2021 | 21:23

Chelsea and Man City fans mad at UEFA for staging UCL final in Porto.


City and


supporters have mutually criticized


performance in staging the Champions League final in Porto. The fans say that UEFA’s greed was the reason behind their anger.

Chelsea has returned 800 of the tickets that the club was allowed to sell.

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) has already criticized


for staging the match in Portugal after the Wembley talks were off the table because of the problems with covid-19 protocols.

The other problem with UEFA was with the pricing of the tickets, which is between £60 and £350.

Alongside City’s 1894 Group, the CST posted a tweet on Wednesday which


included a photo mocking Ceferin and here is what was written under the photo:

“Supporters always sufferin’ under Ceferin


UEFA and the Portuguese football federation (FPF) released a statement to explain the details of the package the supporters will receive with the tickets to justify the pricing and some other criticism they were facing.

“The overwhelming majority of fans of the two finalist clubs will be travelling via organized charters, as was agreed by UEFA, the FPF and the Portuguese authorities,”

the statement began


“A comprehensive and efficient mobility system is in place to welcome those travelling fans at the airport, and bring them directly to the fans meeting points, which can only be accessed with proof of a negative test result.

“At the fans’ meeting points, with the co-operation of the Municipality of Porto, and the investment of the two clubs, UEFA, and the FPF, there will be an array of food and beverage facilities, sanitary facilities, first aid stations, and activities organized by the two finalists to engage ticketholders throughout the day in the two most iconic venues of the city of Porto.

“From the fans’ meeting points, supporters will be brought directly to the stadium, where access will also only be granted with proof of a negative test with a significant contribution from the police authorities to ensure a smooth process.

“Visiting supporters will then also be brought back directly to the airport post-match. The Porto airport has guaranteed it will be able to accommodate the nearly 100 additional slots for flights transporting the multitude of ticket holders arriving and departing on match day.

“These measures aim to ensure that both the visiting fans and the local population can have a safe day.”

source: SportMob