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Southgate: “they will continue to say the right things”

Tue 25 May 2021 | 18:53

Southgate talks about racial equality in George Floyd’s anniversary.

England national team

manager has talked about racism on the first anniversary of the death of

George Floyd

, insisting that the players have tried to magnify what the media has refused to show and claims that football society has done its part in the subject.

"I am working with a lot of players who I know their journey to where they are has been incredibly difficult. They should be incredibly proud of where they have got to,"


said in his interview with

Sky Sports News


"They recognize the power of their voice. Their voices have been heard, they have been at the forefront of the decisions to take the knee before the games, to have the social media blackout.

"In many respects they have done their bit."

Southgate thinks that like players and people, the decision-makers have to change their approach toward racism in the world too. Pointing out that the players have done their bit, but it is now the decision makers’ turn to make changes.

"It is for other people to affect the change and to continue to affect the changes like Paul Elliott with the code that he put to the rest of the game. Other people have to carry that fight,"

Southgate added


"The players will do their bit and they will continue to say the right things and they will continue to support the right initiatives.

"People in positions of power, seniority across all industries have got to be the ones to make the decisions that are going to make a difference."

source: SportMob