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Godin not happy with Cagliari’s struggles

Mon 24 May 2021 | 18:32

The Uruguayan defender says that relegation battle is frustrating for him.


experienced defender



has admitted that he has been struggling with the team’s struggles for staying in the Serie A, calling the team’s relegation battle sad and depressing.

“I didn’t fight for safety since the season at Cerro,”

Godin told Punto Penal

. “It generates depression, sadness and lack of trust.”

He has also talked about the Uruguayan team CA Talleres has an interest in signing him and that their boss Alexander Medina has called him.

“Cacique Medina has called me many times to convince me to go to Talleres,”

Godin said


The Uruguayan’s former team Atletico Madrid won the La Liga title this season, and he has talked about the matter, saying that they could use more Uruguayan players in their squad.

“[Diego] Simeone wrote me yesterday to thank me for the feeling we left at the club. I feel part of that family. Atletico Madrid is like Uruguay, a rebel fighting against the great powers,”

Godin added


“If Atletico want to continue winning titles, I recommend that they continue to buy Uruguayan players.”

Godin joined Cagliari from Inter, who has won the Serie A title this season, making it harder for the high-profile Uruguayan defender to accept the situation that he is in seeing his former teams winning titles and himself fighting to stay in the Serie A.

source: SportMob