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Stellini: A top coach requires a top project too

Sun 23 May 2021 | 17:45

Inter assistant manager repeated that the decision regarding his future is ‘up to Inter’, as they wish to remain put; however, ‘a top couch requires a top project.’


received the

Serie A

title this afternoon after their thumping 5-1 victory over


and speculations surrounding Antonio Conte’s future at the club is raising.

He did not talk to the media about the subject, however; Conte sent his assistant manager Stellini to have an interview with



Everyone should take a step back and look at what started two years ago, at the start of what was meant to be a three-year project to take Inter back to the top in Italy and in Europe,”

said Stellini.

“We achieved it in Serie A, and created a rare empathy between players and staff. This project should continue, but that’s a question the club has to answer.

“As far as we are concerned, we are enthusiastic about continuing, but when you have a top coach, he requires a top project too. The sale of top players could change the cards on the table, but it’s up to the club to make clear what the situation is.

“I don’t know of any particular planned meetings, but the club will decide his destiny. The next few days will be decisive.”

Oaktree Capital will fund Inter for their wages, but they still need the club to reduce costs for the next campaign. When asked if Stellini is optimistic, he responded:

“We are super optimistic. We created what we wanted to, a team that is dominant in Italy and capable of doing it in Europe too. We don’t want to let this opportunity slip away.

“Ending the Juventus monopoly was a difficult task and not one to be taken for granted. An important club like Inter needs to grow.”

He was also quizzed about Romelu Lukaku’s reaction when receiving the trophy.

“Romelu has the body of a super athlete, but the heart of a very sensitive soul. That inspired everyone from the first day. You don’t find values like that often.

“Sooner or later, this love story with Conte had to get going after years of wanting to work together.”

source: SportMob