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Southampton boss talks about their weakness in defense

Sat 22 May 2021 | 16:51

Ralph Hasenhuttl knows that they need defensive improvements sit between the top 10.



Ralph Hasenhuttl

has talked about the improvements they need for the next season ahead of their last Premier League clash of the season, insisting that he understands that they need to work on their defense if they want to fight for a place between the top 10.

“Something I really think we have to change, it is very obvious, is the amount of goals we conceded.”

Saints boss said


“Also (what must change) is the part of (where we are losing games) 9-0 (against Manchester United) – goals are definitely affecting the stats.

“They are simply too high if you want to end up higher in the table.

“This is a way of defending and a way of playing football that we have to change for the future.

“We have shown in possession some good developments definitely.

“We have also good name of our pressing style, but the way we defend in and around our box is far away from a top Premier League club.

“If you don’t change this in the future we will always struggle when we want to speak about the top 10 position – you will always end up like we are this season and this is not what we want for the future.”

Hasenhuttl’s men will face West Ham on Sunday to play their last Premier League game of the season, and according to their boss, the club is considering some improvements specifically in their defense, and we have to wait and see what will happen for the Saints in the transfer market.

source: SportMob