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People consider Juventus dead but we got back on our feet - Pirlo

Sat 22 May 2021 | 13:48

Andrea Pirlo insists Juventus may still try and turn things around during the final round after everyone considered them ‘dead and buried’, but points at tactical and personnel changes that will occur in the battle against Bologna.


were reinvigorated by beating


2-1 in Coppa Italia Final which was one of their greatest performances this season.

Now they may be able to finish the season in the top four and in order to do that they have to beat


and hope that either Milan or Napoli do no win their battles.

The players have recuperated, as victories help get the adrenaline pumping,”

said the coach in his press conference.

“People considered us dead and buried after the defeat to Milan, but we got back on our feet. We must first and foremost focus on ourselves, trying to put in a great performance and get the win we need, then we can look at what the others are doing. The most important thing is for us to play our game and have no regrets.

“Bologna play good football, create a lot of scoring opportunities and have some very good young players. It’s going to be just as difficult as the last time we played them. They go on the attack and we must be wary.”

Andrea Pirlo

has found the right ploy and tactical approach after failing to deliver good results numerous times, but revealed that he is not planning to lock this line-up.

“I made choices based on the teams that we were facing and I considered Dejan Kulusevski the right pick in those circumstances. He’s played more than most, just in different roles.

“Tomorrow is a different game, so I could opt for different solutions. I have no regrets, even if I might’ve made some mistakes along the way.”

After the Coppa Italia victory, the Juve coach said that he would confirm himself as he is interested in continuing with the club.

“Naturally I love the adrenaline and the pressure. If you do this job, you have to feel the blood pumping through your veins in order to do great things. I said I would confirm myself because I want to continue working with this club.

“I don’t think the club will make a decision based solely on what happens tomorrow. I believe they’ll look over the whole season and then make a decision. It’s up to them, we’ll see what happens.

“I have always held my head up high and feel that I’ve done my job 100 per cent. I’ve always been clear with everyone and can have no complaints on that score.

“I didn’t like our results, as we didn’t achieve the targets we had set, but the rapport with the lads was the most satisfying part of the campaign. They worked with a real spirit of sacrifice.

“I was a winner as a player and I want to be a winner as a coach, so I see this season as an opportunity to improve and grow for the future.”

Gianluigi Buffon will depart the club when the campaign ends and is planning to continue elsewhere.

“Juve are losing a football monument, both on the field and off. It’s sad, as we had a long journey together over the years. I admire him very much, as every day he arrives for training with the enthusiasm of a kid.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s future, on the other hand, is a little unclear, with reports claiming that he may depart the club if they do not seal a top-four finish.

“I see him still in the Bianconeri jersey and concentrated. He absolutely wanted to win the Coppa Italia. There’s time for us to discuss the rest.”

source: SportMob