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Lampard was worried about his image after getting sacked

Wed 19 May 2021 | 19:42

Chelsea’s former star says he was worried about losing the bond he had with Chelsea fans.


former star

Frank Lampard

, who has entered the Premier League’s Hall of Fame on Wednesday and has scored more goals for the Blues than anyone in the club’s history, was sacked 18 months after getting hired as the Blues’ manager.

"I have to say that when you lose your job it's hard,"

Lampard told The


. "Anyone who says anything differently is a liar. It's not the truth.

"There's an element of pride, you're working towards something one day and then it's taken away from you. That's life. You have to be a realist about it.

"Very quickly the dust has to settle and one of the biggest things for me - living in Chelsea, a mile from the ground - is that I walk around and see Chelsea fans all of the time.”

Lampard insists that he was worried about the bond he had with the fans and the reaction they would show to him after the incidents at the club.

"You do wonder what the reaction will be because you've lost your job - will they be happy with what you did or not? And I think it made me realize even more, the bond I had with them from my playing days but also what they saw, what I was working towards in season one [as coach], up until the point where I left in season two.”

Lampard has also talked about his ambitions for taking the job claiming that he didn’t accept the job only because of emotional reasons and that he had plans and ideas for the team.

"I was working with a real vision because I care about the club. I wouldn't have gone into the job without a full understanding that at some stage I might leave in whatever circumstances.

"I didn't go into it with just a full heart, wanting to go back to Chelsea after a year managing at Derby. I went into it with a full head and realizing what an opportunity it was. Would it last forever? History tells you probably not."

source: SportMob