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Joel Glazer will have a meeting with the fans

Wed 19 May 2021 | 17:55

Red Devils’ co-chairman wants to have a meeting with the fans after the protests.

Manchester United’s


Joel Glazer

, has been under pressure by the fans after the club participated in the formation of the European Super League, and last month he agreed to have more communication with the fans, so now the meeting’s date has been set.

In a statement Joel Glazer said:

“I'm looking forward to the meeting with the Fans' Forum to hear their views and be part of a constructive discussion. I firmly believe that this can open a new era of positive dialogue and cooperation between the club and the fans."

Joel Glazer will attend the Fans’ Forum meeting on Friday, June 4, and it will be the first time that someone from the Glazer family steps in the path of communication with the supporters, but the family has promised that they will change the situation in their answer to the fans’ open letter.

Despite the Glazers’ change of attitude, the fans are still mad at them and what club’s ownership situation to change.

10,000 fans were allowed to come to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United’s Premier League clash against Fulham on Tuesday, and the fans wore gold and green scarves and held placards that showed their feelings about the Glazers’ attitude. The fans want the Glazer family to sell up, but it doesn’t seem like an easy goal.

source: SportMob