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Director of Women’s Football: player needs should always come first

Wed 19 May 2021 | 17:10

The director of women’s football at the Football Association believes the player needs should be considered first and before deciding whether to make the World Cup tournaments biennial events,

Saudi Arabian Football Federation

have suggested holding the

World Cup

tournaments every two years and the

FIFA Congress

are going to entertain their proposal on Friday and study the impact of holding the tournament every two years instead of every four.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino had suggested the idea of a biennial Women’s World Cup in the past and believed that there was no need to “copy what the men are doing.”

However, the director of women’s football at the Football Association

Baroness Sue Campbell

pointed out that the schedule in the elite game is already packed and that it would have a serious impact on continental finals such as the Women’s Euro.

  • 2021 - Tokyo Olympics

  • 2022 - Women's Euro

  • 2023 - Women's World Cup

  • 2024 - Paris Olympics

  • 2025 - Women's Euro

“The most important thing when we look at these things is to put the player at the center of any decision we make,” she said.

“Having a look at the next few summers, it’s incredibly demanding. Our players will not get a summer break for years to come – we’ve got the Olympics this summer, a home Euros, followed by the World Cup followed by the Olympics again.

“That’s a pretty demanding schedule and if you’re going to change that schedule of course there will be some casualties.

“We have to weigh up, as we try to develop and expand the game across the world, what is in the best interests of women’s football, and not just in the best interests of the shop window, and I think that’s the balance that somebody has got to strike.”

Infantino has also suggested a Club World Cup for the women’s game and the Congress are also going to consider this proposal as the Jamaican federation have also requested the preparation of a global women’s football competition concept.

source: SportMob