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Time for big decisions - Laporta

Wed 19 May 2021 | 3:49

The president of Barcelona knows that he will face big problems.


president Juan Laporta believes the club has gone through a period and it is time for big decisions.

Following the resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu, Laporta won the Barcelona election and became the club's president. He is struggling with many problems and he will face many difficulties. Now, in an interview with Marca, the Spanish presidnet claimed that it was time to make big decisions for Barcelona.

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“I said that at the end of the season I’d look at the team depending on their performances and their results. The Copa del Rey was won, and we’re very proud of that triumph, but we were eliminated very early from the Champions League and La Liga has been incomprehensibly lost, from my point of view. Starting from next week, you’ll see a series of decisions that have to be made, we’ll communicate them.

“We have to work hard and effectively build a competitive team that’s going to win the Champions League and La Liga titles that are beyond our grasp right now. When I speak of ending cycles and renewing them, it’s because that’s what needs to be done.”

Barcelona won the Copa del Rey this season but failed in two other cups. Laporta is facing a big summer and it remains to be seen whether he can prepare a good team for next season.



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