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Top Facts about Kate Ferdinand, Rio Ferdinand's Stunning Wife

Wed 19 May 2021 | 4:30

Born on 3 June 1991, Kate Ferdinand is a British author as well as a fitness influencer. She is also known to be the wife of the former professional footballer, Rio Ferdinand. Keep reading our top facts about Kate Ferdinand.

Rio Ferdinand started his professional career in 1995 with

West Ham United

. 20 years later, in 2015 he officially announced his retirement from playing football but it took him a short while to continue his football related activities but this time, as a television pundit in BT Sport.

Also his international career is quite considerable and his contributions in the span of 15 years, from 1996 up until 2011 is worthy of admiration. Also this 42-year-old pundit, has three children from his previous relationship with his late wife, Rebecca Ellison.

On the other hand Kate Ferdinand first rose to fame in 2015 when she joined the reality show, The Only Way Is Essex but then left the show in 2017 when she met her current hubby, Rio Ferdinand. Rio and Kate tied the knot in 2018 after a few years of dating.

This article includes top facts about Kate Ferdinand:

The first fact you need to know about Kate Ferdinand is that up to now, she has published several books such as "Fitter, Happier, Healthier: The Ultimate 4 Week Body Transformation Plan".

Kate Ferdinand’s Biography

Kate Ferdinand was born on 3 June 1991 in the city of Essex, United Kingdom. It also means that her zodiac sign is Gemini. One

fact about Kate Ferdinand

is that before getting married to Rio Ferdinand, her surname was Wright.

Kate has never been really open about her childhood as well as her family. Especially after her appearance in the reality show, The Only Way Is Essex she became more of a quiet person and cared a lot more about her privacy and personal life.

However, we know that Kate’s parents are named Jacqueline Wright and Phil Wright but we doubt whether she has any sibling or not, since there has never been a mention of a name.

Also details of Kate Ferdinand’s educational background have never been disclosed so far. But if you are curious to know what kind of religion this stunning woman and the mother of four is following, it is notable to say that she is Christian.

Kate Ferdinand’s Professional Career

Kate Ferdinand is mostly known for appearing in a reality show called The Only Way Is Essex. She joined the show in 2015 but then left it only 2 years later, when she officially started dating the former professional footballer, Rio Ferdinand.

However, another lesser known fact about Kate Ferdinand is that before joining The Only Way Is Essex, she used to work in a bank as a business support manager.

When Kate was asked about her decision with regard to leaving the show, she responded that she didn’t want to share her personal life on TV and especially with people in general anymore.

“I'm taking a step back from the public eye, I want to keep my life private as I lived my previous relationship on TOWIE, my priority right now is Rio and the family.” Said Kate.

Also she added that continuing the show wouldn’t have been the right decision for her current husband, Rio Ferdinand and her three stepchildren, since she didn’t want the kids to read the headlines about her on the news and only intended to protect her family’s safety and privacy.

So we can somehow say that Kate kind of made a sacrifice for her family too, since she wanted to be the ‘perfect mom’ and also an inspiration for her children.

Nonetheless, this 30-year-old woman didn’t quite give up on her professional career as she is now working as a model and also a fitness influencer on one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram.


fact about Kate Ferdinand

is that she is also interested in writing. As previously mentioned, so far she has written and published a book about fitness, called "Fitter, Happier, Healthier: The Ultimate 4 Week Body Transformation Plan".

Kate Ferdinand’s Personal Life

Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand first met one another in Dubai in 2016, only a few while after she had broken up with her ex-boyfriend and co-start from The Only Way Is Essex, Dan Edgar. Reportedly, Kate and Edgar had been together for about four years on the whole.

However, about the very first day she and Rio met each other, Kate has explained that she was having launch in a café and Rio told her she is beautiful and that he likes her dog, and then immediately asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. According to Kate herself, they clicked right away.

Finally after 3 years of dating, these two love birds got married in September 2019. They had a pre-wedding ceremony in D Maris Bay hotel in Marmaris, Turkey with their closest friends and family all being invited.

They celebrated their love for three days with Rio's daughter as their Maid of Honour. A few months later, in June 2018 Kate officially announced her pregnancy by posting a video of herself, telling this news to her three step-children. Kate’s child is called Cree Ferdinand

On the subject of her pregnancy, she has explicitly talked about her own experience:

“I think I cried every single day for about five weeks. You expect to be doing everything you possibly can for your baby and when you can’t… It was something I really struggled with.

Kate added "I was in my own little world, I felt really confused and had lots of anxiety and I didn’t think anyone understood. I think being pregnant, it does change, you are a bit more tired at times but I try to stay active as it’s good for my mind.

We go for walks with the family, stuff like that, it doesn’t always have to be crazy exercise just as long as you’re moving more than you’re sitting, you still feel good.”

Also another

fact about Kate Ferdinand

which sounds quite sweet and interesting is that during lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, she has been busy homeschooling her three stepchildren. She also spoke about this experience and found it quite draining to be in lockdown.

As mentioned before, Rio Ferdinand has three children from his previous relationship with Rebecca Ellison who passed away due to breast cancer in 2015 when she was only 34 years old. The children are named Lorenz who is 13, Tate 11, and Tia who is 9 years old.

Kate Ferdinand’s Social Media

As a fitness influencer, social media is a necessary and also crucial part of Kate Ferdinand’s everyday life. However, the only platform she is currently using is Instagram.

Kate Ferdinand’s Instagram

account (


) is the only place where she shares information based on some parts of her personal life with more than 1.4 million people.

A fact about Kate Ferdinand is that up to now, she has shared 987 posts with her followers, mostly selfies, pictures taken from family gatherings and the little adventures this 30-year-old woman has had so far.

Also via her Instagram page, Kate sometimes advertises for various brands and also supports companies that need more recognition.

Another fact which is quite notable about this former reality star is that she tries to spread positive messages with her audience through motivational quotes shared on her Instagram stories.

Kate Ferdinand’s Husband, Rio Ferdinand

Kate Ferdinand’s husband, Rio Gavin Ferdinand was born on 7 November 1978. He was born and raised in Camberwell located in the South London, England. He grew up in quite a large family with Janice Lavender as his mother who passed away in 2017, Julian Ferdinand as his father along with six siblings on the whole.

Rio has two brothers called Anton Ferdinand and Jeremiah Ferdinand, and four sisters named Sian Ferdinand, Remi Ferdinand, Anya Ferdinand and Chloe Ferdinand. It seems that Rio is the eldest child among his other siblings.

The condition of their life was quite hard for the parents to manage, although both of them had their own jobs; as a matter of fact, Rio’s mother was a childcarer and his father was a sailor.

But then things started to get even more difficult when Rio's parents decided to get divorced when he was only 14 years old. Though it has to be mentioned that both parents maintained their close relationship with the children.

Nevertheless, it was Rio’s father who had the custody of the kids and decided to move to another city where Rio started training in local academies and also continued his education. But he admits that as a child he would get easily bored, so he always wanted to do something big and different in comparison to the other kids.

He also said that despite the fact that how tough it was for them to move into another city and meet new people, discovering all the brand new places and making friends would entertain him in some ways.

But his childhood wasn’t the hardest period of Rio’s life; in point of fact, when Rio was still playing for West Ham in 1990, he met his first wife Rebecca Ellison and got married after some time.

Rebecca and Rio became parents of three beautiful kids called Lorenz, Tate and Tia who is youngest among the other children. But sadly, Rebecca passed away in 2015 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nearly two years later, Rio met his current wife, Kate Ferdinand with whom he married in 2019.

Rio Ferdinand’s Professional Career

Rio Ferdinand is a former professional footballer who began his career at senior in 1995 playing as a defender in West Ham. Also he received his first cap playing for


only two years later.

Rio Ferdinand has a very rich history playing for some of the great football club including West Ham (1995-2000), Bournemouth (1996-1997),

Leeds United


Manchester United

(2002-2014) and also the last one

Queens Park Rangers

(2014-2015) where he announced his retirement.

During his entire professional career, Ferdinand has won plenty of trophies which proves how skilled and brilliant of a defender he had been.

To name a few of his honors, we have to mention Premier League Player of the Month in October 2001, FIFPro World XI in 2007 and also English Football Hall of Fame in 2016. Of course there are definitely so many more.

Also something that you might have missed about Rio Ferdinand is that in September 2017, he officially stated that he is launching a career to become a professional boxer. But unfortunately, he was rejected from the British Boxing Board of Control to have his professional boxing licence.

However, it wasn’t the end of Rio’s career since he became a television pundit in BT Sport.

More Facts about Kate Ferdinand

  • Full name:

    Kate Ferdinand

  • Birth date:

    3 June 1991

  • Birth place:

    Essex, United Kingdom

  • Height:

    5.8 feet

  • Weight:

    69 kg

  • Religion:


  • Nationality:


No matter how perfect the whole picture of a relationship might look like, there are still some parts which require more attention and genuine effort to become healthier than ever. In connection with this subject, also Kate has talked about her own experience:

"I cried every single day for a year when I first moved in with Rio. It was an incredibly difficult time... Nothing in the house was mine; everyone called it 'Rio’s house'.

"All the photographs were of Rebecca and the children. I had no place. I remember after six months becoming obsessed with wanting Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose soap that I always have at home, just to have a smell I knew.

"I bought a bottle and put it downstairs but it got taken away. As stupid as it sounds, that crushed me, but what was making me feel more isolated was if I said those things out loud people would think I was pathetic and selfish."

"I lost myself. I felt as though I was acting all the time, trying to smile and learn to cook and be this perfect woman. When I’d cook something, someone would say, 'Rebecca didn’t do it like that', and I’d smile but inside I’d feel crushed."

However, the couple managed these difficult moments of their marriage by working on their relationship instead of giving up on it easily.

Kate Ferdinand’s Net Worth and Salary

If you’re wondering how much Kate Ferdinand is worth and what her source of income is, don’t miss this part.

As previously stated, this former reality show star had been on The Only Way Is Essex for two years but left the show in 2017 when her relationship with Rio Ferdinand, the current television pundit in BT Sport, became much more serious.

However, another fact about Kate Ferdinand is that she is still active in the fields related to health and fitness. She is also a model and is currently works as an influencer in social media, or more specifically, Instagram.

As a matter of fact, Kate’s main source of income is said to be her author career with her book written on the subject of fitness and health. Also this gorgeous woman has launched an E-Commerce fashion store called 'Miss Pap'.

Although, exact details with regards to Kate Ferdinand’s income stay off the record, it has been estimated that

Kate Ferdinand’s net worth

might be around $1 million.




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