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I knew my time would come - Mason Greenwood

Mon 17 May 2021 | 12:16

The England international has an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, where he revealed the reasons behind his improvement as a player and a person this season.


For most of last season I don’t think my link-up play was as good,"

Mason Greenwood


 Sky Sports


"But I was banging in the goals so people got it in their head that I was doing better last season than this. I don’t agree. I think I have been better this season."

The 19-year-old met the target eight times in the last 12 games for

Manchester United

, with six of them scored in the Premier League. No other player has met the back of the net more than him since the start of April.

"The goals have started flowing,"

says Greenwood.

The teenagers talked about how his game improved this season and admitted that he had encountered difficulties as well, since his international duty has cost him his place in the squad. He also reflected on his future plans and hopes.

Although he is aiming to be better, he believes in his own abilities and potentials.

"I always knew my time would come,"

he said.

The England international is confident that he can be quicker, stronger.

"I have still got a few years to reach my full level of speed. I am still growing, still filling out. I am only 19."

However, the thing that is new is that he is capable of holding off the bigger players when getting the ball. "I have not really been working specifically on that but it has started to come this season,"

he said.

The Red Devils coach appreciates his maturity and his capabilities.

"My all-round play, my defensive work. Just being a player, basically. That is coming through now


He is also able to play with his back to meet the target more.

"My hold-up play has improved. I don't think I give the ball away as much as I used to do when I was younger and just coming into the team. I know the game a bit more and the pace of the Premier League a bit more. It has all come together."

Despite the fact that Greenwood is trying hard behind the scenes, he believes the improvement has a mental side to it as well, with the second campaign not beginning the way he would have anticipated.

Having his debut in the England national team at the age of 18 in September should have been one of the happiest moments of his life. However, it did not go as planned when he was taken out of the squad after breaking the Covid-19 restrictions in Iceland that was accompanied by negative headlines.


It was difficult,"

says Greenwood.

"You know how it is, it was obviously going to come. It was a mental challenge but you have to block it all out really. If you play for United, one of the biggest clubs in the world, you have to overcome that. I have pushed that to one side just to concentrate on my football.

"I have overcome it now.

"I am happy to be back playing my best football."

Ole Gunner Solskjaer is confident that Greenwood had tried to change the negative into positive.


He had a few struggles,"

Solskjaer tells Sky Sports.

"In the long run, that will stand him in good stead. He has got himself through it



I totally agree with him, I have come through it stronger,"

he adds.

"All of these little things make you into a better person, a better human being and a better footballer. It makes you learn a few things. It is like when you are playing, you learn from your mistakes. You either let it affect you or you push forward. Why not push forward?"

There are two Premier League matches left as well as the Europa League final against Villarreal, with Greenwood having the chance to win his first trophy.


To win something with United would be amazing,"

he says.

"I want to do that. We are in a good position to do it. A good finish to the Premier League season and a win in the final would be nice. We need a bit of silverware, we have not had any for a few years, so to bring it back home would be a good feeling."

When quizzed if it would be a good thing to be recalled for the Euros, he said:

"It would be nice to go to the Euros but I just want to be fully focused on United for these two games and the Europa League final.

"What happens, happens. I have not really been thinking about it too much. I have just been going out there thinking about my performances for United, how to score and help the team score.

"I have just been focusing on my football."

source: SportMob