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Zidane didn’t tell the players anything about his future

Sun 16 May 2021 | 21:46

Real Madrid boss is mad at the media because the rumors about his conversation with the players.

Real Madrid


Zinedine Zidane

, has talked about the rumors, which suggest that he has told them that he is leaving the club, claiming that he has not told the players anything about leaving the club, claiming that he understands the importance of the period that the team is experiencing.

“How am I going to tell the players that I am leaving now, if we ‘risk our lives’ and I say I am leaving?”

he told an interview with



“You can tell the stories that you want, I will never say this to my players.

“At the end of the season we will see, but now I’m with them for the last game.”

Real Madrid had the chance to sit in the leading position on the La Liga table, but with Atletico Madrid’s comeback against Osasuna, they fall back in second place where they feel no threat from the third team, which Barcelona and sits five points behind them.

Zidane has been under so much pressure this season with so many injuries and Covid-19 cases, but he managed to reach the Champions League semi-finals with Real Madrid, and he has also kept their hopes for the domestic title alive until the last week.

source: SportMob