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Premier League makes new broadcasting deals

Thu 13 May 2021 | 17:02

Premier League thinks that the new deals with partners can help with the pandemic crisis.

To provide financial security for English football, the

Premier League

has agreed to extend some big-money deals about domestic television broadcasting.

The three-year renewal worth almost £5billion, and the League chiefs say that they have provided good reasons to the government, and it will help the league overcome the impact of Covid-19.

In a statement, the league said:

"The UK renewals for the next broadcast cycle – from seasons 2022-2023 to 2024/2025 – will be concluded at the same overall value as the current arrangements between the Premier League and its broadcast partners.

"As part of the Premier League’s developing strategic plan, the renewals will provide financial certainty to clubs throughout professional football as a result of maintaining current levels of support and enables the league to commit to increased funding. This will give security and continuity throughout the pyramid until at least 2025."

Helping the clubs from lower leagues, women’s football, and charity work like Football Foundation charity is a part of the deal.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters says thanks to the government for agreeing with the arrangements and has talked about the impact of these deals on domestic football.

Masters said:

"We are hugely appreciative of the government agreeing in principle to allow this arrangement and for their continued support for the Premier League and the English game. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on football, and renewals with our UK broadcast partners will reduce uncertainty, generate stability and promote confidence within the football pyramid.

"We know that, once concluded, this will have a positive impact on the wider industry, jobs and tax revenues and will enable us to maintain and increase our existing solidarity and community financial commitments to the football pyramid for the next four years, even though we are yet to understand the full impact of the pandemic.

"It comes at an important time and will enable us to plan ahead with increased certainty against a more stable economic backdrop."

source: SportMob