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Jorginho: ‘I really feel at home here’

Thu 13 May 2021 | 12:40

Jorginho is fully committed to his contract at Chelsea and has no intention of leaving Stamford Bridge.

There have been speculations about


’s future at


and even his agent has revealed that Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter have shown interest in him.

But it seems the 29-year-old feels settled and has no intention of leaving Stamford Bridge as he is tied to a contract through to 2023, according to



Jorginho told reporters of the exit talk:

"Of course, I do feel settled.

"When I came here, everything was different. But I felt welcome straight away.

"It feels great after three years, and I know everyone here appreciates what I try to do for the club and for the people. So it feels like home now in England.

"It’s definitely not the time to think about contracts with two finals to play! 

"How could I want to leave the club? That’s not the point. It’s not the point even talking about it now. I’ve got two more years and like I said, I really feel at home here. So there’s no point actually even talking about it. And we have only just started under Thomas [Tuchel] - we’ve got a lot more to do here."

The Italy international has retained a prominent role since Thomas Tuchel took over the charge at Chelsea.

His true value to the Chelsea cause is now being recognized, with an underrated performer coming to the fore.

When he was asked whether the critics are now acknowledging his worth, he said:

"I hope so! If they don’t by now, they don’t understand football! But the results, the numbers, are there.

"So whoever wants to say something different, they can have their opinion, but it will not affect me in a bad way.

"Criticism will always be there, in any job. It depends how you take it. And for me, honestly, it’s just motivation to work even harder."

source: SportMob