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Inter behaviour is not good - Bastoni’s agent

Tue 11 May 2021 | 12:13

The 22-year-old has been outstanding this season, with his agent revealing that he reached an agreement with the club a few months ago to extend his contract, but it seems that the deal is currently uncertain.

Another surprise,”

Tinti told Il Corriere dello Sport. “

For four months we have had an agreement with [CEO Beppe] Marotta, [sporting director Piero] Ausilio and [Alessandro] Antonello


“Bastoni plays with the contract signed three years ago, despite the fact that he’s been a starter for two seasons and has been called up for the national team.

“There was a promise to bring the salary to a fair level and there was an understanding in February, with lots of confirmation e-mails exchanged.

“The only thing missing was for the President to return from China to formalise everything. Not later than Friday, I was informed that the renewal has not been skipped, but that we must wait for this loan that the club is negotiating to be signed.

“Honestly, this has never happened to me before.”

The agent revealed the 22-year-old wants to continue but accepts the chance of not renewing the contract.

“Bastoni has the shirt on because he’s an Interista,”

he said

. “He will respect the agreements because he still has a contract.

“If the club wants to renew at the agreed figures, OK. Otherwise, from July 1, things will change.

“I’ll be clearer: Bastoni and his agent are happy to stay at Inter, but things need to be done in a normal way, like in all other clubs.

“The moment is difficult, and we know it, but this behaviour is not good. If I had done such a thing, pulled back before signing, when everything was in place, Inter would have made an incredible mess.”



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